Marathons Completed

#25 Anchorage, AK: Mayor’s Marathon

#24 Milwaukee, WI: Milwaukee Running Festival

#23 Portland, OR: Portland Marathon

#22 Louisville, KY: Derby Festival Marathon

#21 New Orleans, LA: Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans

#20 Crazy Horse Memorial Site, SD: Run Crazy Horse Marathon

#19 Pittsburgh, PA: Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon

#18 Austin, TX:  Austin Marathon

#17 Tulsa, OK: Route 66 Marathon

#16 Nashville, TN: Country Music Marathon

#15 Little Rock, AR: Little Rock Marathon

#14 Grand Rapids, MI: Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon

#13 Duluth, MN: Grandma’s Marathon

#12  Indianapolis, IN: Indianapolis Marathon

#11  Salt Lake City, UT: Salt Lake City Marathon

#10  Fresno, CA: Eye-Q Two Cities Marathon

#9  Raleigh, NC: City of Oaks Marathon

#8  Seattle, WA: Rock & Roll Seattle Marathon

#7  Arlington, VA: Marine Corps Marathon

#6  Cincinnati, OH: Flying Pig Marathon

#5  Orlando, FL: Disney World Marathon

#4  Des Moines, IA: IMT Des Moines Marathon

#3  St. Louis, MO: Run Till It’s Done St. Louis Marathon

#2  Las Vegas, NV: The New Las Vegas Marathon

#1  Chicago, IL: LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon



    • Do you know the time limit off the top of your head? I have a few I have finished in under 6 hours, but most are a little longer :) Have you done it before? What’s it like?

      • They give an early start if you’re going to be over 6 hours – for a total finishing time limit of 8 hours. I’ve not ran the full, but a lot of people come from all over because the Little Rock full has the largest medal in all of the U.S. Seriously, google it! And I’ve heard great things from those who’ve ran it about the crowd support. I know that our city is very PROUD of the marathon and it’s always a happy time around here. Not sure if you read her blog, but ran it this year and wrote about it. Check her archives around the beginning of March of this year. :)

  1. Kate sent me here since I was telling her how slow I am. She told me I’d enjoy your posts and I do! :) I don’t think I will ever do a full, but maybe I’m not going to give up on the half marathons just yet! :)

      • My family and I live in Omaha and it has been about four years since I last participated in it. Actually, the Omaha marathon was this past weekend. What I am about to suggest may shock some and I have my reasons as to why, the Lincoln marathon in May would be my recommendation for a first time marathon in good ‘old Nebraska. The entire atmosphere is amazing, friendly and quite possibly one of the best marathon courses in the country, no joke! Give it a look and let me know what you think … Until then?!? Take care. :)

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