Online Dater | Champion Alarm Clock Snoozer | Coffee Drinker | Red Wine Lover | Chicago Girl | Mizzou Grad | Back of the Pack Runner

I’m working on completing a marathon in each state. I’m not fast and my goal is just to finish. I’m doing it because I can. And, traveling is one of my favorite hobbies.



  1. Nixie, I like your blog. I’m disappointed in a couple of things though:
    1) You’re a Mizzou fan – I went to Nebraska
    2) You’re a Bears fan – I’m a Packers fan from, well … let’s just say a LONG time ago.

    I’m not gonna hold these things against you. I am following you now, with the hopes of someday converting you to be a Husker or Packer fan!! :)

    • You can hope away, but my loyalty will never stray! ;) Thanks for following along!

      Cheers (And go Tigers & Bears!),

  2. Ah! I didn’t realize you were from Chicago! Go Bears! (But learn the name Brandon Marshall ASAP!) I remember watching the 2008 Chicago Marathon literally from my bed (i lived at Sheridan and Diversey) as an athlete who had never considered road racing. My how things have changed! Love your posts!

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