Chicago: A Year in Review

This past weekend, hanging out with a good friend, I realized something: I’ve been home now exactly one year. Holy shit did that go by fast (mom, if you’re reading this, I promise to clean up the language) (…next year).

Just over a year ago, my condo had an accepted offer, I had an accepted job offer, an announcement was made, and a moving van scheduled. Piece by piece, I sold off my furniture and belongings, until all I was left with was an empty condo and a very tired puppy.

At first, it was hard. I missed Wisconsin. I second guessed my decision (for what now seems like about five minutes, but at the time felt like an eternity). I lived out of my childhood room in my parents house for six months, commuting into the city by way of car / Metra / bus for about two hours each way to work. I was exhausted by the time I got home each night, and missing a normal social life.

And then, as it always does, life happened and things got better.

After a close call, my condo finally closed (26 days later than originally planned, but who’s counting). I completed the Grand Rapids Marathon, the Little Rock Marathon, and eventually the Nashville Marathon. I joined (two!) online dating websites and had some pretty “interesting” dates. Made some really terrible decisions, and made some great ones. Found a great apartment in the city. Experienced Broadway shows, awesome restaurants, and fun bars. I’ve been so lucky to have all of my best friends come visit me in my new place and hang out in the city. And lucky to meet so many great new friends since moving.

And I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.




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